The Through Line Book

The Through Line – A Journey from Darkness into Life – in Mexico is now available for sale! $26.50 with FREE shipping from

Illustrated with 80 photographs taken by international award-winning photographer Jay Koppelman, and 20 inspirational quotes written by some of life’s greatest teachers, The Through Line culminates five years of photographing the Lake Chapala – Ajijic and San Miguel de Allende areas of Mexico. Its message guides us into the realm of possibility and change, with the invitation to be our very best while staying true to our hearts and dreams.

Critical praise for The Through Line:

Jay’s photographs help us to enter “the wilderness of our intuition,” to wake up to the world around us, a world that is always magical.Jim Tipton, MexConnect (Read Review)

Jay Koppelman’s… subsequent rediscovery of the world around him, his tenacious hold on life, his willingness to take risks, his personal search for beauty, and his innate awareness of the essential elements of his art, work with synergistic unity to affirm the growing stature of this photographic artist. Rob Mohr, El Ojo del Lago



3 Responses to The Through Line Book

  1. Mary Ellen Rushworth says:

    A great compilation of Ajijic life – and your ability to capture the character vs simply the face continues to impress me. Good Luck with the gallery opening next week !

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love your work. I’m your fan number one and always be. My best, Veronica Navarro. Studio 18 photography gallery.

  3. Veronica Navarro says:

    Cuando la gente admira tus obras en Galería Studio 18 es un honor que no cabe en mi, presenciar maravillosos momentos de personas inspiradas en tu arte. Dios te bendiga siempre! Un abrazo Veronica Navarro

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